What is Data Duel?

Data Duel is a site built around the idea of exploring what tools are available to analysts for interacting with data. Nate & I come with Tableau & PowerBI experience, respectively, but are technical enough to explore other toolsets, and of course, we both love SQL.

We expect to be posting a new “Duel” roughly once per week. The Duel is based will be comparing and contrasting ways of visualizing a data set. These data sets will be made available for your own remixing as well, within each post.

The constraints of a “Duel” will be mostly based on time – i.e. we will be spending an agreed-upon maximum amount of time on each viz. For the most part, there are no other rules, although bringing in supplemental data should be agreed upon between both parties.

Outside of the “Duel” posts, we will be posting on other topics as we see fit, with Nate focusing on a “breaking into data analytics” series, and myself focusing on “PowerQuery for SQL users”. We will also be sharing our thoughts on release notes of our favorite pieces of viz software as well as remixing other content as we see fit.

I hope you find this fun & useful. Consider it our love letter to analytics.